The Elusive Paddington TV Antenna

The Monday Hunt

by Robert Brand

The OTC Paddington terminal had TV facilities right from the early days. The program room (ITC) had colour TV monitors in the new facilities by the time I graduated from the DCA Regional Training 1971. It was there during field training, but the techs tended to keep you away from that area. It was my first time on the evening shift thinking it would be a boringly quiet night when someone explained that there was a TV tuner hidden away in the program room. If there was little activity, the Senior Tech on duty would okay the TV and out came the tuner and a reasonable picture was the result. Continue reading

OTC – A Timeline

A Starting Point. by Robert Brand

I have commenced a Timeline of OTC events. I would be grateful if anyone would like to add an entry – simply email me at:

Please make sure it is OTC specific. Continue reading

Early Bird 2, the UK and Global TV

OTC’s Jim Robertson explains

Intelsat I was nicknamed “Early Bird” for the proverb “The early bird catches the worm”. Early Bird 1 was the world’s first commercial communications satellite to be placed in geosynchronous orbit. It was positioned over the Atlantic Ocean and launched on 6 April 1965. The Early Bird series was built by the Space and Communications Group of Hughes Aircraft Company (later Hughes Space and Communications Company, and now Boeing Satellite Systems) for COMSAT. Continue reading