Jamesburg Earth Station For Sale

Robert Brand and Jamesburg Earth Station.

It was about when I was 17 years old that I (Robert Brand) first heard of Jamesburg Earth Station. I was a second year trainee at the Dept of Civil Aviation Regional Training School at Waverton and assigned to the International Maintenance Centre (IMC) at Paddington for field training. I was asked to wiring up some Apollo 11 jumpering for Wayne Ozarko and I learned of this site as the received dish for the transmissions from Moree for the Apollo 11 moon landing.

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exOTC is Back on Line

Robert Brand in the Oxford Falls Main dish 2009New features and new content

Welcome to our new site. We lost our old site due to a database failure and it was all too hard to get back up and restored.

I will add more content here shortly, but feel free to comment here. I will arrange a new forum or email chat service. I hope that we can get you all back in touch with each other very soon.

Please click on the “Follow via Email ” link on the right – that we you will get an email notification when there is a new post on the site.

I have uploaded some photos to the new Flickr account. You can reach it by clicking on one of the photos in the right column. The content will also be restored as much as I can.

I am also looking at a way that you can all post to the site. I will let you know soon

Regards, Robert Brand