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If you would like to comment or write a story for these pages, it is always good to get a picture associated with the account. The easiest is the Gravitar. When you see a comment on these pages, it often has just a blank outline of a portrait of someone. That is because they have not added an image to identify themselves. A Gravitar is a universal way that many sites allow images on their posts. This site is no different. Continue reading

Anyone Have a Short Story?

Send me a Story or Become an Author

Robert Brand in the Paddington Amateur Radio Club Room around 1980

Robert Brand in the Paddington Amateur Radio Club Room around 1980

Have a few paragraphs or even a big story:

  • Publish it yourself as an author – just email me in the story 2 below this one.
  • Send me an email with the story and some pictures

Stories from HO to the field – we want them all. Any stories here may also appear in the OTVA magazine and other publications if suitable. The more “awkward” stories can just remain here!

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Want to Publish to the ExOTC Website?

Become an exOTC Author – it is Simple

We would love to make you all exOTC Authors so that we can get some real interaction going here. It is very simple:

  • Register with WordPress
  • Send me a request to be an author
  • Login and post.

In fact I am doing that right now! I created a separate user and authorised myself and I am posting from a very simple screen. You can add photos, Links and lots more – change colour, Bold, Italics, Underline, Bullet points and even spell check (US probably). If you create a Link – please make sure to tick this box: “Open link in a new window/tabContinue reading