Mobile GPS 1987 Nullabor Plains

Geof Hinwood with the AWA GPS on my Toyota HiLuxJeff Hinwood Working Our “Portable” GPS

by Robert Brand

In 1987, Jeff Hinwood, John Oxley and myself set out on an OTC Caving and Canyoning club caving expedition to the Nullabor Plains. It was not an easy Sunday drive, but had fun visiting our friends at Ceduna for part of the trip. It was week three and we were in a super remote part of the world. There was a small possibility that we were at least 160km from the nearest person  Possibly we were the most isolated group on land in the world, a thought that often crossed our minds on this trip. The Nullabor plains is the largest piece of limestone in the world and is riddled with caves, some close to the surface and filled with unusual salt crystal formations rather than limestone formations and deeper down, caves of immense proportions. Some filled with water and a huge challenge for divers. The clarity of the undisturbed water is at least 100m, maybe 150m if your light can penetrate.

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