DCA RTS Probe Project

First Year Project – Tone Injector

by Robert Brand

At the DCA Regional Training School at Waverton, one of the first projects that they let you do was to built a simple tone injector in a pocket torch. This happened before my year and at least for a year after my attendance. It may have continued for more years, but others would have to confirm that. By today’s standards, the tool is bulky and it has discrete transistors, but back in 1968, we were constructing a wonder of the modern age. The unit was a two transistor astable multivibrator with the probe tip coupled by a capacitor. The circuitry took the place of one of the two AA batteries used in the pocket torch. Not a quality injector, but useful when chasing down a wire in a bundle. Continue reading

OTC Trainee Tool Kits 1968

The Right Tool for the Job

by Robert Brand

Seems that there would be few of us exOTC people with a pretty good intact OTC tool kit that was issued as far back as 1968. Well, say hello to three of them! The big one I was issued as I started work in 1969 as a Technician in Training at the DCA Regional Training School at Waverton. The other two smaller kits were picked up from ITMC Sydney staff that left and their tool kits were not collected from them.

The reason I collected the extra kits was that there were tool kit checks and you had to produce your kit and it had to have all the tools or you had to replace them. The other two kits were considered by me as donor kits as tools often went missing through no fault of your own. Tools strayed when you had a large job and a few people were involved. I do not expect that they were intentionally taken, but accidentally. Continue reading

DCA RTS Revisited

Waverton Nov 1971

These photos were taken in my last months at the Dept of Civil Aviation Regional Training School (DCA RTS) at Waverton. For many years I caught the 389 bus from Paddington into town and then caught the train from Platform 3 at Town Hall Station to Waverton. In my final year and a half I bought a car and managed to cut my travel time to 1/3. The school is no more and the buildings are gone, but the memories are strong and these photos are the last of a time long gone. It was the class of 71. Continue reading

The DCA RTS (Sydney)

Dept of Civil Aviation Regional Training School.

Robert 1966

Robert Brand 1966 at the age of 13 years old

Story by Robert Brand.

It has been 45 years since I stepped in the doors of the DCA training School at Waverton. All that is left these days is the land it sat on and that is a car park for sailors at HMAS Waterhen that sits below the old site.

I started on Jan 8th 1968 and I was the grand age of 15 years old. It was a nervous time, not knowing what was in-store for us, but I was pretty happy about getting paid to learn.

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