Bondi Beach Cable Entry Room 1972

Bondi Beach Cable RoomBondi was the landing point for Compac and at the end of our Cable Course in 1972, Percy Day took us on a tour of the cable path through Centennial Park and the streets of Bondi. Percy toured the Compac Cable path every Monday to make sure that there was no construction work that would put the security of the cable at risk.

We visited the cable entry room and noted that there was more than just the Compac Cable in the room. In fact there were many old telegraph cables terminated in the room and one of the universities was graphing the voltage / current generated on the cables by the earths changing magnetic field. Percy had to check the paper recorders and mark the dates.

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Compac Jointers Course

1962 Compac Cable Jointing Course – New Zealand

Ed: I received these pictures from interested reader Ray Henshaw from New Zealand. Ray writes:

Hi Robert,pleased to hear from you, have sent two pics, one of all the jointers at the school in Newmarket, included are your [Australian] jointers.

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OTVA and Compac Celebrations 2013

OTVA LogoOTVA look at Nov 2013 and Compac

by Robert Brand

Today I attended the OTVA board meeting at the invitation of the committee. I was invited to discuss my proposal to spearhead the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Compac Cable in Nov 2012.

First of all I continue to be impressed by the OTVA and the current state of play. It is a very open group that is not like the old days. I have seriously enjoyed the lunches and get togethers over the years. Just plain fun. Continue reading