Ceduna Drop In 1987

Ceduna, on the Way to the Nullabor

John Oxley, Robert Brand, Julie Thomas (friend) and Jeff Hinwood

by Robert Brand

Three OTC staff and a friend were off to the Nullabor for a 2 week caving adventure and as I did 2 years earlier, I dropped by with the team one sunny day to say hello and to see the station up close.

It was hot, a stinker, and we were glad to actually get into a nice cool air conditioned building. My 4WD did not have air conditioning so it was a simply fantastic to have an hour in the cool of the Ceduna building in the middle of the day.

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UTAS and Ceduna

The Ceduna Radio Telescope

by Robert Brand

Before I mention what has been done at Ceduna, let me tell you I have had many calls / emails with NBN Co about their error with the closing date for Ceduna. At their request I had to dig into the internet and find credible references to prove to them the real date. That has been done, but as of tonight, the date in the press release from NBN Co has not been corrected.

I came across this item in an article by the University of Tasmania that uses one of the dishes from Ceduna. Telstra shifted the other one (Ceduna 1?). Someone might like to tell us where it ended up. Perth? It is interesting to see what UTAS have done with Ceduna and how it fits into their network.

UTAS Ceduna Radio Telescope

The University of Tasmania Ceduna radio telescope is a 29.6 metre diameter parabolic antenna designed and constructed by Mitsubishi in 1969, with an alt-az mount and feeds located at the Nasmyth focus. Continue reading

Ceduna Back in the Satellite Business

NBN to revive Ceduna’s Historic Role in Satellite Communications

24 August 2012
This press release by NBN Co
Spotted by Geoffrey Shaw
Ceduna in the West Coast region of South Australia has been selected as the location for a satellite ground station that will enable Australians in isolated areas access to fast broadband.

The ground station on Goode Road, approximately two kilometres north-east of Ceduna, will act as an essential transmission centre to deliver the NBN to homes, farms and businesses in remote areas including Oodnadatta, Marree and Wilpena Pound. It is one of ten such facilities to be built nationwide and the only one to be located in South Australia. Continue reading

Ceduna 1 Synchro Resolver Drama

Tony Fisher Lived to Fight Another Day

After reading about the twin dishes proposed for Jamesburg in an earlier article about Jamesburg Earth Station in the US, Tony Fisher wrote back with this story:

I wonder if the 100ft Ceduna 1 dish was also specified for this capability? It had a tracking speed of an incredible 0.3 degrees per second in both Azimuth and Elevation, although I only ever once saw it run in “full flight”, and then quite by accident. Continue reading