Carnarvon Videos Uncovered

Carnarvon smallOTC Carnarvon Video Surfaces

With the help of researcher Brian Larwood and the Carnarvon OTC/NASA Museum, I have found these video gems that that I would like to share. The first is about OTC and the second, NASA.

This first video has only just been found and it details some of the history Carnarvon. Enjoy! Continue reading

How OTC Install Purchased all the ST’s in Carvarnon WA

Carnarvon Women Angry

by Roland Ayo. This Story first ran on the exOTC website in late 2001. It was reprinted in the OTVA newsletter in 2002.

My first install in OTC was to Western Australia (the Carnarvon Installation). Barry Thomson led the team to remove the Ground Equipment from the caravans to the new building, and for the first time OTC was to run and joint rigid wave guide from the NASA Sugar Scoop Antenna to the Ground Equipment room. Continue reading

Carnarvon and OTVA Support

OTVA also Calls for Help

The (exOTC) web site contains a complaint emerged from Graeme Hanigan who attended the recent Open Day in support of the new Carnarvon Space & Technology Museum. The complaint related to the belief that it was too NASA focused and did not promote and give credit to the huge amount of work that was provided by OTC personnel Continue reading

Carnarvon Museum Calls for Help

The Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum Needs our Help.

In a recent post about the Opening of Carnarvon’s new Museum dedicated to NASA and OTC work, Graeme Hanigan said:

“It was interesting to see how quickly the history is rewritten.
The event was overrun by ex NASA ‘Trackers’ as they called themselves and there was lots of ill-informed conversation and confusion about the OTC site. At best I could describe ‘the museum’ is a jumbled collection of ‘space junk’. However the committee is well meaning and I hope that somewhere along the line they get the story straight. Continue reading

The Carnarvon Space And Technology Museum

Buzz in Carnarvon for the Opening

A nice bit of video from Buzz Aldrin’s arrival in Carnarvon for the opening of the new Space and Technology Museum. The site is the old OTC and NASA property at Carnarvon in Western Australia.

Colin Benporath is there and when he returns I hope to post a more detailed story and some of his pictures. Until then here are two videos showing Buzz Aldrin’s arrival and a video showing some background on the moon support Continue reading

Buzz Aldrin Headed to Carnarvon

Buzz AldrinScuba Diving is a Buzz at Carnarvon – by Robert Brand

During a Space conference in the US last week, I had the opportunity to talk about the importance of Carnarvon to the Apollo 11 mission and other Apollo missions with Apollo 11 moon-walker Buzz Aldrin.

Buzz was very flattering about the importance of the NASA site at Carnarvon and the world class communications required to keep them in contact with other NASA sites. He said that the team took note of the Carnarvon area as they passed over it, wondering about the remoteness of the region and security of the links. Continue reading

Carnarvon Celebrations

June 22 & 23, Buzz Aldrin will be in Carnarvon

The opening of the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

This is a big story for the exOTC staffers. The preservation of these sites is a huge leap forward over the dishes that were left rust and corrode at Carnarvon. I so wish I could make it for the celebrations but I expect that there will be a few exOTC staff in the area and traveling for the big event.

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