The Cairns Repeaters


The Great Repeater Hunt

The story so far: Peter Burgess told Robert Brand that when he recently visited the site of OTC’s Cairns Cable Station he noted that it was up for sale/lease. Peter Burgess & Bruce Boler told Robert Brand that they recalled land based cable repeaters being buried behind the station. They considered that if this is true it might be a good idea to approach Telstra to retrieve these items which may be of historical significance so that they can be displayed in the Powerhouse or Telstra Museums Continue reading

Rent a Cable Station

Cairns Cable Station for Lease

It seems that if you live in Cairns, you can lease the old OTC cable station.

This discussion on the ex-OTC group on Facebook:

Peter Burgess says: I must say, I was quite disappointed to drive past the old Cairns Cable Station today, and see it was all covered in Graffiti and also up for Lease !!! Continue reading

$59M Communications Highway

Seacom Opening – The AGE

I am just adding more material from the AGE newspaper published at the time of the Seacom opening in 1967. There are many more pages and I will add them later. It is interesting at the number of pages that the AGE dedicated to Seacom. Many are advertisements paid for by suppliers or parts or services, but there are many pages of stories. Continue reading

Seacom Opening 1967

Age Article by Harold White

I found this article in “The Age” archives from back in 1967. It was part of a large article celebrating the opening on the Seacom cable on this day. Initially only the first supergroup was commissioned on the cable that could eventually hold 2 x 80 channel supergroups.

The supergroups were 3.1kHz bandwidth compared to the 60 channel satellite supergroups that consisted of 3.4kHz bandwidth channels. There were about 6 pages of a broadsheet newspaper dedicated to the opening. Continue reading