Business Today

Keeping it in the Family

by Robert Brand

1. Camping Out

Life goes on and business is business. Most of us have gone on to other things very diverse from OTC days. None so diverse as our old OTC mate Bruce Boler. After traveling the world with OTC and installing comms systems in the most unusual of places he now runs a camping trailer business based at this home in Hurstville. Sydney Camper Trailer is an accredited franchise of Johnno’s Camper Trailers. Continue reading

OTC in 1946

OTC’s First Year 1946

In August 1946, the Overseas Telecommunications Commission was established by an Act of Parliament: The Overseas Telecommunications Act, 1946.

James Malone was appointed Chairman. In October 1946, JES Stevens was appointed first General Manager. Here is the advertisement that attracted his interest: Continue reading

1968 Newspaper Advertisement

The Satellite “AGE”

This advertisement was spotted in The Age newspaper. The Age is one of Melbourne’s Newspapers (Australia). It was dated 14th June 1968 and was soon after the opening of Moree Satellite Station. The article showcases the stations ability to receive (and Transmit) TV programs around the world.

The terms used seem quaint by the general standards of today. Continue reading