Send Us Your Pictures

Send to homepc @ rbrand dot com (remove spaces and replace “dot” with “.”


Please make sure that the resolution is 60k or more. Poor resolution below this result in poor images. The header images that you see are sometimes poor quality because we just do not have better resolution. Not all photos end up in the header. It takes time and although there are over 130 random images, I just can’t spend the time doing too much.


Example Photo

Include in the file name:

  • Year and if unsure “circa”
  • Where
  • Who – if possible
  • Your name
  • Anything else that fits
  • Do not use symbols

eg: Parkes circa 2012 Robert Brand at visitors centre Photo by Robert Brand.jpg


If you have a few paragraphs about the photo I will turn it into a story and post it to the site.


The site is public so be aware. We may be able to have a member only area in the future. Stories and Photos may appear on the OTVA website and magazine if particularly good.

Copyright will become

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