Australia Enters the Space Age

Australia’s WRESAT 1967

Weapons Research Establishment Project: WRESAT

Some Australian Space history for those interested.

On 29 November 1967, Australia became only the fourth country – after the USA, Soviet Union and France – to launch its own satellite from its own territory.

The battery-powered WRESAT weighed about 45 kilograms and was designed in the form of a cone. Three cones (two test and one actual) were constructed in the development phase, and a range of tests were carried out to ensure the satellite’s durability. Continue reading

Neil Armstrong Dies aged 82

Complications from Heart Surgery Takes the First Moon Walker

[Ed] I have met most of the Apollo moon walkers and command module pilots but I never met Neil Armstrong. Unlike Buzz Aldrin, Neil had become somewhat reclusive. He avoided public appearances and refused to sign autographs. He was still passionate about space and spoke his mind on where NASA should point their rockets. As one on the many exOTC staff that supported the Apollo 11 mission, I am saddened by the world’s loss of an extraordinary astronaut that had ice water flowing in his veins. He was one cool guy that was able to walk away from many failures where others would have perished. We will miss you – Robert Brand

News article from NASA

The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden regarding the death of former test pilot and NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong. He was 82. Continue reading

Long Distance Call from 18 Billion Kilometres

Voyager Keeps On Keeping On

Introduction by Robert Brand

It seems that nearly 35 years ago was only yesterday. I clearly remember the excitement of the launch of Voyager II and then soon after Voyager I. I was even at Parkes for the Voyager II encounters with Uranus and Neptune. I was on the tail end of the Giotto project when Voyager was  flying past Uranus and then I was visiting again when it encountered Neptune. That was some 23 odd years ago for that last encounter. Continue reading