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7 thoughts on “About

  1. G’day Robert – good luck with the new site. Ashamed to admit I didn’t realise the old one was no longer in use (my excuse is that we’ve been over here in Vietnam for most of the past four years or so…). Have saved the URL to fav’s so will keep on eye on progress – it’s often fun to remind ourselves of “the good old days”!

    • Wow Martin – great to see your post here! What are you up to in Vietnam??? Amazing how OTC was such a peak experience. I remember you complaining about how you had to re-set the templates for business cards etc in order to fit in my long name….

      I have re-invented myself a couple of times, and have now just finished studies etc to register as a psychologist – I am setting up private practice/consulting in both organisational/industrial psychology and general counselling/coaching psychology.

      On a personal note – I was married to Bill Barrett and together for 20 years. Recently divorced – and still good friends. We have an 11 year old son Jonathan while most of our friends are becoming grandparents or with grown up kids….. Ah well…. I never did, and never will, fit the traditional mold!

      What’s your news?

      • Hi Michelle – big surprise to see your post from 2012 as I finally returned to browse Robert’s site via google trying to find info on Bribie Island Radio (because a friend was up there recently and said it no longer appears on local tourist maps, etc). Sorry to hear about your divorce, but sounds like it wasn’t as soul-destroying as some I’ve heard about! Please give my regards to Bill the next time you see him.
        I took voluntary redundancy from Telstra-PCCW joint venture Reach in 2003 and married Linh, whom I’d first met 12 years earlier when she was a marketing consultant with OTC in Saigon. Since then we’ve been splitting our time between Australia and Vietnam – “best of both worlds” and loving every minute of it! Take care… Martin

  2. Thanks for setting this up Robert. I even recognise some of the faces in the pics! Any chance of adding names at the bottom of the pics or tagging people like we can in Facebook? I will have a look to see if I can add any old pics – but have not kept too many!!!

    • I may add photos that can be tagged. I might have to resort to Facebook, but I will try for a more common method that does not rely on Facebook as many can’t manage that.

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