Ceduna Drop In 1987

Ceduna, on the Way to the Nullabor

John Oxley, Robert Brand, Julie Thomas (friend) and Jeff Hinwood

by Robert Brand

Three OTC staff and a friend were off to the Nullabor for a 2 week caving adventure and as I did 2 years earlier, I dropped by with the team one sunny day to say hello and to see the station up close.

It was hot, a stinker, and we were glad to actually get into a nice cool air conditioned building. My 4WD did not have air conditioning so it was a simply fantastic to have an hour in the cool of the Ceduna building in the middle of the day.

I believe it was a weekend and near the shift change. Wal Sakaluk was so kind as to let us leave a few boxes in his garage until our return visit. He also let us fill our water containers from his tank. The trouble was his tanks were low as it was. To this day Wal reminds me that we left him low on water!

Ceduna 1987

Ceduna 1987

Wal Sakaluk says: That’s me in the distance with the beard.
Kevan Bourke says: Looks like Paul Crock (on the right).
Mark Harrison says: Pretty sure it is.
Kevan Bourke says: Yep, it’s him alright. I went to edit my comment but couldn’t. iPad / Facebook combination.
Mark Harrison It’s modern technology Kevan. iPads and Facebook will never take off.

John Oxley, Robert Brand, Julie Thomas (friend) and Jeff Hinwood

John Oxley, Robert Brand, Julie Thomas (friend) and Jeff Hinwood

Our friend, Julie, was a ring in. She was a Ranger from Mount Gambia that ran the Tantanoola Cave. She had planned to join our trip and we picked her up on our way through South Australia. At that stage it was just John and me. We met Jeff after we passed through Adelaide and the seating became more comfortable.

Wow I look so skinny that I make Jeff Hinwood look chubby. That was then……

So why is the dish pointed at the horizon? It works an Indian Ocean spacecraft. That is why the dishes are at 7 degrees tilt. Yes, they are tracking spacecraft. we were on the very edge of the coverage.

Wal Sakaluk says: Sitting on hand rail of CED1A looking at CED2A.

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