Paddington HAM Radio Repeater

OTC_Paddington_smby Robert Brand

I was interested to learn that the HAM VHF radio repeater that Laurie MacIlree built in Guam and a few of us installed at OTC Paddington is still going, but of course it has brand new equipment, a slightly different frequency and Laurie is still involved. VK2ROT is still the call sign and it is managed by the local HAM radio club, Waverley Amateur Radio Society. This from their website
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Ceduna Drop In 1987

Ceduna, on the Way to the Nullabor

John Oxley, Robert Brand, Julie Thomas (friend) and Jeff Hinwood

by Robert Brand

Three OTC staff and a friend were off to the Nullabor for a 2 week caving adventure and as I did 2 years earlier, I dropped by with the team one sunny day to say hello and to see the station up close.

It was hot, a stinker, and we were glad to actually get into a nice cool air conditioned building. My 4WD did not have air conditioning so it was a simply fantastic to have an hour in the cool of the Ceduna building in the middle of the day.

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Univac 418 – Paddington

Univac 418Computer Message Switching.

by Robert Brand

In February 1969, OTC’s automatic message relay system became operational at the Paddington terminal. I was sent there for Field Training in 1971 so it was a very new venture and the first to compete in a global competitive environment. I published this photo on Facebook years ago and got a lot of responses. The comments form part of this story.

As a Trainee, I got to have a play with the offline system – there were two – the production system and the standby system. They sat side by side. They were switching messages around the world, but I had access to the offline system and learned how to program in machine language. Kieth McCredden was in charge at the time.
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