Cable Enterprise Visit mid 70s

Cable Enterprise 1975-ishThe Cable Enterprise was docked in Sydney for a few days for some reason and many of the Paddington staff paid the ship a visit. It did not have any cable in the tanks to lay, although I believe it carried some repair cable and that was about all. The ship had a lot of control and thrusters. The deck was covered in cable feeding rollers and a lot of things that only the experienced crew would know about.

The picture of the deck taken from the bridge is rather confused by the buildings next to the wharf. It has dual feeders and of course it has systems for launching repeaters that parachute to the bottom of the ocean. The parachutes slow the descent and stop the cable breaking. The bridge is full of systems for a maintaining position and a constant speed in all weather to feed the cable.

The boat’s birth is in the North Western end of Circular Quay, near the old Water Police building. In the picture immediately below you can see the Sydney Opera House sails to the very left of the image. They are on the other side of Circular Quay.

The ship was owned by Cable and Wireless. In the first picture below, right above the ship name is a warning to keep clear of the bow thruster propeller. Inside the ship carried power feed equipment and transmission systems and testing gear.

Cable Enterprise 1975-ishCable Enterprise 1975-ishCable Enterprise 1975-ish Cable Enterprise 1975-ish

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