Sorry for the Absence

OTC_Paddington_smWe’re Back.

by Robert Brand

Hi all. I have had a severe illness hit one of my family and I dropped the ball with the website. It is back in service and all is well. I will post a few back stories shortly and please send me any stories, reunion photos and more.

The illness was temporary and manageable. With treatment, we are getting back to normal with life in our household. I estimate that it took me away from my work up to 4 hours a day, so as I am working full time, it has had a high impact.

Anyway, it is almost end of year and I am pleased that we can end on some good news with my family. The exOTC website will continue to be updated. All the best for the coming holiday season

6 thoughts on “Sorry for the Absence

  1. Hi Robert
    I run the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum at the former OTC site.

    We are about to expand once again and I’m wondering if any of your contact have photos that I may use in the building, particularly of the Power Station on site.

    I can be contacted at:


    Phil Youd

  2. Oh no! This blog’s domain expired 233 days ago!

    Unfortunately you cannot access this blog from any more. This domain name expired on Saturday, April 4, 2015 and will soon be canceled.

    Please contact the owners of this website and remind them to renew this domain before it’s too late. They need your help!

  3. Sorry to hear life threw you a curve-ball Robert, but glad to hear you’re finding your way through it and things are getting back to somewhere near normal. Every strength to you and your family.

    • Thanks for the best wishes. There will always be bumps along the way. This one was time consuming and still is somewhat. It will fade away without and lasting issues so it is not as big a challenge as other issues. It has taken away my ability to do anything on the exOTC website until now. Anyway it is all go again on the website – maybe slowly at first, but I am posting any stories from the past or even new stuff!

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