Saving Apollo 11 – erh – no!

Spaceflight-Cover-2014-12Spaceflight Interview.

As most of my old ex-otc mates know, I am heavily involved in the space sector and even bump into Bill Barrett occasionally. I recently had this interview published in Spaceflight magazine. Note that I did NOT put the title on the page “Saving Apollo 11”, nor did I say anything so stupid – seems the editor thought that a nice touch. It was in a prestigious UK space magazine: “Spaceflight”

My words are very tame in the interview in that regard. My friend Nick Howes (the interviewer) from the UK also thinks I am being humble when I tell him I didn’t do much other than wiring. I was asked by Wayne Ozarko to lend a hand along with fellow trainee Paul Davies (never heard from Paul since he went to the UK around 1970). Editors want to sell magazines. They embellish the facts.

This piece was the lead story of 3 more Apollo stories – the next 3 are by two astronauts  Rusty Schweickart, Jack R. Lousma,and Sy Liebergot, the Comms guy for mission control for Apollo 13. They thought my story was interesting enough to include it in the Apollo series.

As usual, the part I played in doing some wiring for Apollo 11 was amplified by the author and my good friend Nick Howes, but it was fantastic to have this in print in this great magazine. Because they saw fit to publish it on the web, you don’t have to buy the magazine to read the article. Enjoy:

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