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Carnarvon smallOTC Carnarvon Video Surfaces

With the help of researcher Brian Larwood and the Carnarvon OTC/NASA Museum, I have found these video gems that that I would like to share. The first is about OTC and the second, NASA.

This first video has only just been found and it details some of the history Carnarvon. Enjoy!

You will love this video. It is a NASA vid

eo that was lost until recently and it was made by NASA to Welcome their new station at Carnarvon, WA, Australia to their deep space network. It was never shown as the people went to the site to open the station. It is thought that this was a backup video in case they did not make the opening ceremony. Enjoy this 1960s video.

Video Information:

OTC Video:  Published on Jan 10, 2014

Information Video produced for the OTC Satellite Earth Station in Carnarvon Western Australia. First Released 28th Of August 1985. Produced By Shennan Productions.

The ‘sugar scoop’ antenna became operational on 29 October 1966 when Intelsat-2A, the first of the three satellites launched, gave OTC and the ABC a brief chance to test satellite TV communications as the satellite drifted to ignominious failure over the Indian Ocean. On 24 November 1966, test patterns for the first-ever live telecasts from Australia to England were successful. The next day, a live BBC television broadcast from a studio in London featured interviews linking UK families with their British migrant relatives standing in Robinson Street, Carnarvon.

This video highlights some of the projects OTC Carnarvon was involved with and how it had become an intricate of Carnarvon. This video also mentions the “winding down of operations” as the OTC station closed in 1987. The site is still ‘actively’ involved in solar scientific research, hosting a node of the Birmingham Solar Oscillations Network.

The Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum opened in 2012.

Special Thanks to

Max Ring at QC Technologies –
Irene Gray of Carnarvon
Phil Youd – Chairman – Carnarvon Space And Technology Museum

Video first appeared on 3/4 inch U-Matic then copied to VHS and this copy was copied from the VHS copy to Hi8, from Hi8 to Adobe After Effects for restoration.

NASA Video:   Published on Jun 18, 2012

Exclusive Never before seen NASA footage. Lost film, not seen since 1964. This film, made by NASA, welcomes Carnarvon in Western Australia to the space program and the network of tracking stations which would be used for the Gemini and Apollo Missions.

This may be the only copy of this film in existence.

Presented by Edmond C Buckley, (1904-1977) American engineer. Instrumentation and tracking expert at NASA, 1930 – 1969. Senior NASA official for tracking operations during the moon race, 1959-1969 and James Edwin Webb administrator of NASA from February 14, 1961 to October 7, 1968. Then Dr. Harry J. Goett, first Director of the Goddard Space Flight Center, brings in greetings from various tracking stations around the world.

This film is further evidence that the NASA Carnarvon Tracking Station in Western Australia was more involved in the Apollo Missions than previously thought.

The copying of this film to HD format, was sponsored by Max Ring from QC Technologies in Perth, Western Australia.

This footage is in need of full restoration if you can help, contact us.

To learn more about Carnarvon’s involvement in the space program, and about the new CARNARVON Space and Technology Museum – visit

Very Special Thanks To Gavin Mason, former Manager of the Carnarvon Tourist Centre, for without his help, we would have never known or seen this film.

This film was supplied by Gavin Mason

Special thanks to Brian Larwood

Very Special Thanks to DiskBank Digital Media Specialists for a great conversion to HD MP4 format


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