What are Others Up To?

Robert brand 2013Tell us What You are Doing.

Can other people write up what they are doing in their lives such as farming, sailing, whatever it is we need to know what you are up to and that includes taking it easy. I know that there are some great stories out there even about doing nothing or getting together for the odd drink with an old ex-otc mate and yes we are all getting older!

  • Richard ‘Richary’ Jary When I eventually left Telstra I added my radio hobby to the IT stuff I had been working on and got into wireless LANs and microwave radio. Now my job involves planning links, troubleshooting and getting on rooftops and towers installing the things.Hobby wise I had always liked touring so bought a 4WD and have done a few trips around the place though not many lately. I have also added geocaching to the list of hobbies, and in 10 years have managed somewhat over 4000 finds. Living in Sydney once again after a few years in Adelaide.
  • Jean Luc Mauriat Currently designing two flying boats with the help of my friends, and , no , there ain’t no bigger scoop than that. Grab it now, or do as the thousand other ones will do as the projects is completed, TALK about it…
  • Robert Brand I would love some more people to do the same!
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  • Jeff Bultitude Hi Bob, I am also back into amateur radio working 20 and 40 metres
  • Robert Brand Where are you living these days?
  • Jeff Bultitude Hargraves, on my property Yallambee (which means to dwell at ease)
  • Robert Brand I bet that’s hard work…
  • Geoff Larcombe Hi Robert, Just had some spare time to look up OTC history. The problem I am finding is that there a too many sites, I found info scattered across the OTVA site, OTVA blog site, facebook plus you website. Would like to see one repository, makes it easier to keep current
  • Robert Brand The trouble is that the OTVA are very “Propper” and they need to be as a society. I’m not and thus my exOTC is rather less formal and discusses lots of stuff like the Paddo TV hunt and the “Manager Alarm”, etc. The real stuff! This picks up those on Facebook and anything of interest gets migrated to exOTC website. The OTVA blog is linked to the OTVA website.The OTVA is also for OTVA members. exOTC is for anyone.People chat more on Facebook. Horses for courses I guess.

    Hi People, I’m now more than 9 years retired. An amateur musician since high school, I keep sane by continuing to play my bass. I work in a trio (nextbestthing.com.au) and a tribute band (starliners.com.au) with my daughter and other friends. My other related hobby is home recording (soundcloud.com/helldad)

4 thoughts on “What are Others Up To?

  1. Hi People, I’m now more than 9 years retired. An amateur musician since high school, I keep sane by continuing to play my bass. I work in a trio (nextbestthing.com.au) and a tribute band (starliners.com.au) with my daughter and other friends. My other related hobby is home recording (soundcloud.com/helldad).

  2. Retired 3 years and living in Blackheath at the top of the Blue Mountains. I am as busy as all get out.

    After a year as president of the Blue Mountains Rhododendron Society of NSW which runs 17ha of camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas under the native Australian bush, I am now president of the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival Committee, charged with running a 6 week party for the Upper Mountains and environs. Biggest job in town and so much fun. Gone from managing USD24 million capex budgets in Verizon to managing AUD90,000 fundraising for the community in Blackheath! Many other involvements in the great community of Blackheath.

    The Rhododendron Gardens are at their best this spring and have the best flowering for many years. We have a large well developed garden at our home, Cherry Lodge which is coming into full bloom.

    I edited the OTC Vets Newsletter for some years but have retired from that task. Still on the OTVA Committee, and totally disagree with Robert’s comments above.

    I have been able to take up a boyhood hobby again – DXing, but this time I have one of the world’s best radio receivers – an ICOM IC R8500, DC to Daylight 100kHz to 2GHz along with a Sony AN1 active antenna. Being 1100 metres above sea level means I am pulling in some amazing DX. I’ll get around to some V/UHF and microwave aerials later.

    Another boyhood dream fulfilled was seeing the Wallabies beat Wales at Cardiff last December 2012, though their performances this year have been woeful.

    All in all a very satisfying and happy time of life and I hope the rest of you are having one too.

    • All good Bob. I still found many people wanting to publish on the exOTC website simply because they were told their story was not suitable for the OTVA. I guess that there were issues that you were not aware of. Even Des Kinersley contacted me many years ago to publish a story on Fanning Island that was rejected by the OTVA.

      If the OTVA want to merge the sites, then I can help. I await with interest.

      It is great that you have told us your story and I hope others do too. Thanks again Bob

  3. Just to be very clear, i am super-supportive of the OTVA and their need to maintain a rigorous control over content. They need to be. they are an organisation that must maintain a standard; must maintain a defensible position in case they are sued for what they publish; they must look after their members’ interests and other such things. Simply “I Don’t”.

    The OTVA cannot start to talk about the more colourful aspects of life at OTC. I can.

    If, when you read exOTC, there is concern that we may appear to be a bunch of lazy people with a lackadaisical attitude to work, you would be mistaken. With over 2,000 people working across a whole range of sites and different types of equipment, the odd story here on the exOTC website would be a minority. The stories are an important aspect of OTC life and the things printed herein did happen! The only thing was that they happened over a period of 60 odd years! Of course every company would have a fun story to be told and I am guilty of telling them where the OTVA cannot.

    You cannot get a better bunch of people running the OTVA and I understand that they are always concerned about making OTC look super professional in the eyes of the world. I just reviewed the last 40 stories on the exOTC website and there was only one that referred to Jack Creswick that may have not been what some may have wanted to hear. It was true and it was something that his family vetted before i published it.

    Again I believe that the OTVA must be different from the exOTC website. It must be proper and must sanitise the content of its material. It is something that they have always had to struggle with and something I wholeheartedly applaud.

    My reference to “the Real Stuff” may have been a little insensitive, but in my books, some of the most impressive work was done on the side. I personally had a hand in upgrading many systems. For instance, the Paddington Lunchroom Phone ended up being the basis of the new order-wire system when the ITMC move down a level back in the early 80s. The TV system on level 4 was upgraded with petty cash on the side so that we could more efficiently handle TV programs without having to get up and patch things when we were busy. Eventually this underpinned the design of the new programme centre that lasted a further 16 years because of good design. The same with the off-air TV that was purchased after the endless antenna hunts. Not that the “end justifies the means”, but that it did happen and is important to acknowledge.

    Again apologies for the poor wording, but it may help describe the differences in the websites and the importance of the OTVA and what they can publish. A great group and one that i fully support. I have dedicated a lot of time to the OTVA for good reasons.

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