The first AXE Course in Scoresby

Scoresby ( Circa 1986)

This chat was on the ex-OTC group on Facebook. It is great when some of the pictures appear and names are not known by all. This exchange was a community effort to name those in the picture.

  • David Bellchambers Would have to be 1986. And 2 x A1 alarms going ignored (haha – joking). Scoresby was the first of 2 AXEs that OTC purchased – the other one was Broadway.

    Here are the students and one of the instructors from Ericsson (right most standing). The students were a mixture of the new staff at Scoresby, future course instructors from training and support staff from Head Office.

  • Geoff Larcombe I recognise Shaune Walsh (back row,1 from left) Eric Mackerein? (back row 4 from left) Steve Corrigan (back row, 6 from left). I also recognise back row 2 & 3 faces but can’t recall the names.. I must be getting old :)
  • Gary Samuels Not getting, you are old!
  • Lisa Phillips Guy Ryan next to Shaune, Craig Hennessy front row second from left, Chris Ridley front right
  • Chris Ridley Well, David was correct, it was in “86 ( sometime). John Vossen had assembled a group of ” expedndables” to man the new OTC facility in Scoresby and apart from having lots of digital training courses, this was the first AXE switching course.
  • Lisa Phillips Steve Corrigan ?
  • Chris Ridley the assembled cast was as follows back row: Grahame Hannigan,David Peel.Middle Row: Shaun Walsh,Guy Ryan,Eric Mackerein,Steve Corriagan,Peter Osbourne.Front Row: Carnt remember,,Craig Hennessy,Rob Holland,Jim Cooper,Chris Ridley and the Instructor from Tunisia
  • David Bellchambers Well done Chris! The “can’t remember” is Ghiath Khalil (spelling?).

    If you are on Facebook, don’t forget to join the ex-OTC group!

2 thoughts on “The first AXE Course in Scoresby

  1. Hi David. Came across this site purely by accident. Was interested in your comment about the 2nd AXE being in Broadway. I was under the impression that the other AXE gateway was in an outer suburb of Perth (can’t remember the name though) with it and the Scoresby due to replace the analogue gateways at Broadway and Paddington. At that time, I was working in the (Telstra) Exhibition St AXE trunk, MELQ. As I was living near Dandenong back then, I seriously thought about lodging a job application/expression of interest to transfer to new Scoresby gateway.

    • It was definitely in Broadway. I worked on it myself. It replaced the existing AKE and was identical to the AXE in Scoresby (SW wise) and was purchased at the same time.

      I think it was a Nortel that was later put into Perth? … it wasn’t AXE anyhow.

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