Tram Outing this Wednesday

Bill Jolly will be Our Driver

Wednesday is our big Tram Museum outing. The outing is broadly in 3 parts.

  • 1st  is the tram ride out to the Royal National Park where we can get out & go to a lookout,
  • 2nd the guided tour where the prison van that Darcy Dugan escaped from is on display & is a highlight of the museum.
  • Then finally the lunch at the Sutherland club. Billy Jolly (ex OTC Eng Branch) is our tram driver & he guarantees us all a good time.

It’s at the Loftus Tram Museum. Consider joining the OTVA. I believe that a 12 month complimentary membership for new members will let you see the benefits of the group and I expect that the $10 a year after that will not break the bank. The advance details of the Loftus outing are below:

Date: Wednesday 7th November, 2012

Transport Cost: Seniors PET ticket $2.50

Museum Cost: $10 Seniors, $15 Adults   No money required upfront. Pay on the day.

Seniors Special Lunch at Sutherland United Services Club: Cost: $10, About 10 choices like Fish & Chips, small Rump Steak & Chips, Chicken Schnitzel, Prawn Cutlets. Tea or coffee $2.80

Transport: Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra  train (board carriage 5 of 8 car train) departs Central platform 25 (check first) at 9.12am, Rockdale 9.27am, Hurstville 9.35am, Sutherland 9.51am, arriving at Loftus 9.53am. Walk straight into museum from station platform. If this train is missed the next train departs Central at 9.25am arriving at Loftus at 10.07am. Alternatively drive your car.

10.00am Museum opens. Morning tea provided.

10.15am We start our museum tours or tram ride with our group split into 2. Ride the tram or tour 1st depending on which group you start in with the groups alternating. OTC vet Billy Jolly is our tram driver & promises a day to remember with lots of 1950’s tram memories to rekindle.

12.48pm  Depart Loftus station for Sutherland station.

12.52pm Arrive at Sutherland station. Depart on western side of station. Walk a few hundred metres north from the station to arrive at Sutherland United Services Club.

1.00pm  Start lunch at the club which stops serving at 2.30pm.

Regular trains back to Central leave Sutherland at 1.45pm, 1.49pm, 1.52pm, 2.05pm, 2.19pm, 2.22pm, 2.32pm & 2.35pm. The trip back takes 30 – 40 minutes. Timetables

2 thoughts on “Tram Outing this Wednesday

  1. Neil Yakalis said:

    The total number I have for the Loftus Tram Museum outing on Wednesday is now up to 19. So there is still room for another 6 late entries if they wish to join us for lunch at the Sutherland United Services Club.

    The serve yourself morning tea or coffee & biscuits option on arrival will be an extra $2.50. Try to have the right change on the day.

    Also in case of bad weather, or those not wanting to walk from the station, some people will be bringing their cars so we can arrange to take a few extra people by car to the Sutherland club for lunch.

    Going down from Central we will be in the 5th carriage, counting from the front, of the 8 car train. This lines up exactly with the museum entrance off Loftus Station platform.


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