Reunion: 9 November 2012

Level 2, 95-97 York St Sydney – RSVP Closed, but check with Peter Bull anyway

Below is a list of responses that I have received thus far:


  1. Will Whyte
  2. George Woloszuk
  3. Greg Waller
  4. Dennis Grant
  5. John McDermott
  6. Ross Craig
  7. Bob Dentskevich
  8. Brian Collath
  9. Colin Kelly
  10. 10.Gary Beaton
  11. 11.Dennis Carroll
  12. 12.Paul Black
  13. 13.Dave Stimson
  14. 14.John Phillips
  15. 15.Bill Jolly
  16. 16.Neil Jackson
  17. 17.David Richardson
  18. 18.Allan Hennessy
  19. 19.Bernie White
  20. 20.Will Whyte
  21. 21.Colin Kelly
  22. 22.Robert Brand


  • Dean Veverka
  • Vernon Yen
  • Les Ayers
  • Keith McCredden
  • Trevor Thatcher
  • Charlie Maiden
  • Jeff Hinwood
  • Paul Gallard
  • Ernie Anthoney
  • Joan Sullivan

Regards Peter Bull.President

Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association (OTVA)

bull_peter@optusnet.com.au (H)


2 thoughts on “OTVA XMAS Reunion

  1. This update from Peter Bull:
    The following list of participants on this coming Friday’s XMAS Reunion:
    1. Peter Bull
    2. Ray Hookway
    3. Barry Stockbridge
    4. Steve Gray
    5. Neil Yakalis
    6. Will Whyte
    7. George Woloszuk
    8. Greg Waller
    9. Dennis Grant
    10. John McDermott
    11. Ross Craig
    12. Bob Dentskevich
    13. Brian Collath
    14. Colin Kelly
    15. Gary Beaton
    16. Dennis Carroll
    17. Paul Black
    18. Bill Breeze
    19. John Phillips
    20. Bill Jolly
    21. Neil Jackson
    22. Ian McDonald
    23. Allan Hennessy
    24. Bernie White
    25. Robert Brand
    26. Ross Beaumont
    27. Alex Ebert
    28. Wayne Grundy
    29. Bob Emanuel
    30. Ted Bastow
    31. Robin Tuckfield
    32. Ted Miles
    33. Don Withers
    34. John Eades
    35. Yvonne Hennessy
    36. Evelyn White
    37. Trevor Thatcher
    38. Lindsay Harradine
    39. Ron Lukin
    40. Ernie Wan
    41. Morrie O’Connor
    Geoff Oldman & Henry Cranfield are a MAYBE?

    The following members have advised that they are unable to attend but send their best wishes to their fellow members of the OTVA and their families for a happy & safe XMAS/New Year:
    Dean Veverka, Vernon Yen, Les Ayers, Keith McCredden, John Nematalla, Charlie Maiden, Jeff Hinwood, Paul Gallard, Ernie Anthoney, Joan Sullivan, Alan Cabrera, Mick Quinlan, Paul Crowe, Brian Calder, Roger Boyden, David Richardson, John Wall, Michael Peck, John Hughes, Stephen Jewell, Peter Burgess, Martin Ratia, Anthony Bradney, Tony Fisher, Brian Curran, Ben McGee, Trevor Pike, Dave Stimson, Peter Hitchener, Kevin O’Brien, Bob Dean

  2. To be held in York Rooms 1 and 2, at the NSW Bowlers‟ Club, Level 2, 99 York Street, Sydney Doors will be open from 11 am with meals to be served from about 12.15pm. As OTVA will subsidise the overall costs of the function, the charge to members will be $35 per person.
    Please ensure your membership is current to avail yourself of this subsidised event. As in previous years, beverages can be purchased from the bar on Level 2. A guest speaker is being arranged.

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