Life After OTC

Toyota Car Swap

by Neil Yakalis

For 2 weeks I swapped my 1970 Corolla for this new Hybrid Camry. My Corolla KE20 was on display at the Sydney Motor Show! My 42 year old Corolla was been selected to represent the 2nd Generation of Corollas at the Motor Show.

Above is the is the swap photo taken in my driveway.

2012 Motor Show KE10

2012 Motor Show KE30

Also the classic Car magazine pictures of the 2 cars that sat next to mine at the Sydney Motor Show.(above 2 photos)

2012 Hybrid Camry

Finally (above) a test shot taken at Waverton (one of about 60) to go into Toyota Drivers world magazine with my short appraisal on the new car.

4 thoughts on “Life After OTC

  1. I almost bought a 1967 Toyota Corona & now am finding out my Aunt is going to give me her 1998 Toyota Corolla, still think the Corona would be more fun & still be able to go to the shows with it.

  2. It needs to be 30 years old to qualify as a veteran vehicle. I drive a 1984 Corona Station Waggon. It is “cheap as chips” to keep running. Being what I call a “low tech” car I find it very easy to repair myself on the rare occasion when it needs work done. Many older cars fall into the home handyman can fix it category. Later model cars that are high tech are now mostly out of the range of the “backyard warriors” to keep them going forever as they age. This is great for new car sales which now top over 1 million a year in Australia.

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