New Author: Walter Pearce

Walter Pearce to assist me at

Walter kindly sent this offer of help and I will be taking it up immediately on recommendation from Neil Yakalis.

I am ex OTC and have been visiting your website. I previously worked for Maritime (MS & RS) at Auburn with Neil Yakalis before I retired in 2001.

I would like to submit a story with a few photos and comment on posts
etc. Can you grant me publishing access at your convenience.

best regards, Walter (VK2ACE)

I met Walter today at the get-together organised by Maree Giddins out at Doonside. It was my pleasure to meet someone so willing to assist with essentially a simple task. It is also good to see that Walter is an amateur radio operator and thus still technical astute.

Stay tuned for Walter’s first post and if anyone else would like to have a hand at being an author, just say the word – or in this case WordPress! This is the system that we use to publish our website.

Walter, again, a warm welcome to the exOTC website.

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