Rent a Cable Station

Cairns Cable Station for Lease

It seems that if you live in Cairns, you can lease the old OTC cable station.

This discussion on the ex-OTC group on Facebook:

Peter Burgess says: I must say, I was quite disappointed to drive past the old Cairns Cable Station today, and see it was all covered in Graffiti and also up for Lease !!!

I swear it was only recently where I saw a picture of Des Kinnersley and a couple of others standing in the entry area…. or maybe I’m just getting on… (That’s Peter on the left)
I made some mention of the fact that we can’t expect to keep everything that is old and that it has to make way for the new as disappointing as that is and then Bruce Boler made mention of two of the Seacom repeaters.
Bruce Boler said:  Yeah, probably time to move on. But I wonder what happened to the two spare repeaters that are entombed in a pit in the back yard…. Rolly Ayo, John Toland and I put them there in the mid 70’s. Bruce.
Graham Watts said: Pretty sad to see that.. Looked much better when I was there 46 years ago.
Graham also included a photo of the cable station in all its pristine glory from back in 1966 when he was part of the commissioning team. Thanks for the photo Graham!
That’s Graham on the left – looks like a very young version of him!

Cairns Cable Station Commissioning Oct 1966

I would like to suggest that we try and see what happened to the repeaters and see if they can’t be salvaged if they are still in situ. We could try and get the Powerhouse museum or other group to be involved in the recovery with Telstra okaying the whole thing.

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