Cardboard Time Calculators

Overseas Time Calculators (OTC)

Photos Submitted by Roland Cassar AKA Roly

by Robert Brand

It has been a long time since I last saw one of these, but I remember them well. Unlike the more durable plastic, these were large slide rule-like units that took up a fair bit of space. The cardboard and the plastic calculators had the same capability, but the plastic ones were smaller and even wallet size in the later versions.

It is pretty hard to get anything like this now. I can’t see Telstra handing them out, but I could be wrong. No one has a vested interest in international calling. It was OTC’s main product.

If you look carefully you will notice that this 1973 product was complete with typos. The most obvious being that 4pm = 1500 in 2400 time. It was still a wonderful aid.

Also of note is the absence of subscriber Trunk Dialing  (STD) codes for the different cities and the very short numbers in the city CBDs.

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