Business Today

Keeping it in the Family

by Robert Brand

1. Camping Out

Life goes on and business is business. Most of us have gone on to other things very diverse from OTC days. None so diverse as our old OTC mate Bruce Boler. After traveling the world with OTC and installing comms systems in the most unusual of places he now runs a camping trailer business based at this home in Hurstville. Sydney Camper Trailer is an accredited franchise of Johnno’s Camper Trailers.

I last worked with Bruce a couple of years ago – 2010 – when I was doing a 6 month contract job for Huawei (eBusiness project in Papua New Guinea). Bruce was the Project Manager looking after the pacific region from the spires of Chatswood in Sydney. Bruce mentioned that he wanted a change of pace and one day mentioned that he was buying a camper trailer franchaise.

Bruce had had enough of the pressure of the comms sector and wanted something that he could handle from home or close to home. He is enjoying the new lifestyle and I can attest that those that want the luxury life camping out should consider a trailer camper. Bruce is offering a discount on his regular prices to his old OTC mates who would like to hire out his trailers or try one before buying a trailer for themselves. I suggest that you give Bruce a call and mention that you saw the discount mentioned here. Bruce can be reached on: 0418 465 072. The video below will give you a few ideas about the trailer and the ease of use. The video also features Bruce’s daughter Katie!


2. Building New Radio Based Products:  RFconX

This is a company that I am involved in as well as James Dawson of exOTC fame. I last worked with James when I was Regulator Manager (ANZ) for Alcatel back in 2002. RFconX is a new company designing and building new radio products for unusual places. These include radio systems for Road Tunnels, Mining and even a future space mission to Mars. That announcement will come in the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned. We are creating a new systems at a much lower cost that will even see FM radio as standard in underground car parks.Lower prices mean new markets not previously addressed. There are currently 3 of us in the company including our uber-geek designer Darryl who designs at the circuit board level.

As we bring this to market, we will need more people and finances to get to the manufacturing stage. It will be mainly self funding as smaller products enter the marketplace as we work towards the bigger picture. We already have a captive audience in the road tunnel sector with direct contact with most Australian operators and owners of road tunnel systems. Companies are already asking for budgetary quotes

The announcement from Europe that a version of our mining product will be used in an actual space mission in 2020 will certainly turn a few heads. We expect our mine tracking system will track people and assets to about 5m resolution! We expect that the system will do a similar job on Mars with a number of probes in one area and hopefully help in the search for life. More on this soon.

If you think that you would like to be involved and have a few thousand or more to invest in products that are likely to make a large impact. Give me a call: 0412 081 266


If you have an opportunity or a discount, please send us a picture and a story and we will publish the details. Email: homepc at rbrand dot com


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