Moree Today Pt3

Moree Revisited Pt3

Story and photos by Dan Flett

Preface by Robert Brand: I received this email from an interested party, nothing to do with OTC, but was kind enough to send me some great photos of the Moree site that re recently visited. I will spread the photos out over a few postings, but here is his email. Thanks so much Dan.

Hi Robert, My name is Dan Flett, and I discovered your site, indirectly via – my new favourite website. :)   The only vaguely tangental personal connection I might have with OTC is that my wife used to work for Telstra and has a few Telstra and ex-Telstra friends – some of whom may have worked for OTC in the past.

[Repeated from previous parts of this story] I’ve been spending a bit of time reading the articles on and have taken an interest in the old tracking station sites and the photos of their current condition.  I noticed that there wasn’t any photos of the current condition of OTC Earth Station Moree, despite there being a lovely scan of an OTC publication from 1969 with the Moree Dish on the cover.  I’m currently on holiday – I with my family have just completed a road-trip from Melbourne to Brisbane, and we stopped two nights ago in Moree.  I did a Google search for the Earth Station and found the current owner of the site and was able to contact him and set up a visit.  I was amazed that while the building is now being used for an engineering business, there is still a bit of the original signage and equipment in place (such as the original generator control panel).  I was given an escorted tour of the tower – the owner seems proud of the building’s OTC heritage and the important role it played, and is happy for people with an interest to have a look around (within limits I would imagine).

Locked door to antenna pad – top of tower

Antenna pad – top of tower – viewed through locked door with dirty glass

View from top of tower – next to water tank, looking out of shed door

Lighting at top of stairwell to tower

Room under antenna pad – lit only by flash

Stairwell up tower

[Ed] I suspect that these stairs need a good sweep to make them compliant with OH&S regs, fire regs and much more.

More in the final part of this series.

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