The Roma Coincidence

Odd Timely Convergence (OTC)

by Robert Brand

Roma is a town in the western Darling Downs area of South West Queensland, Australia, 515 km by rail WNW of Brisbane. It is situated at the junction of the Warrego and Carnarvon highways.

Many years ago, Bruce Boardman was working for LSE. They won a bid to provide the radio rebroadcast equipment for the Eastern Distributor road tunnel in Sydney about 14 years ago. As part of that build, Bruce found a small company in Roma that built FM transmitters and these were supplied as part of that build. Bruce now works for Telstra in the HF radio area and travels about Australia frequently. My company, PlusComms, looks after the radio equipment in the Eastern Distributor.

Tim Jensen and Bruce Boardman Camping at exOTC trip Bendethra 2011

A little while ago, one of the FM transmitters blew up. I replaced it with a spare and yesterday (21st August 2012) I sent the spare unit off to the company that made the unit  – at ROMA in Queensland.

Yesterday, I also had cause to ring Bruce Boardman. No prize for guessing – of all the places he could be – he was at ROMA. Small world? Not small enough.

Rob Lewis and his cousin in their UK TV Theme 2010

I got another phone call from later in the evening from Bruce asking me to guess who he just met in the pub. My old sailing buddy, Robert Lewis! He is part of the Variety NSW Bash 2012. More details: Click Here

The event is “2012 Variety Balmain to Bamaga Bash” and they just happen to drop in at Roma yesterday evening. Robert and his cousin do this every year and they spend the preceding month or two getting the car ready. I never know where he’s headed and he turns up in the craziest places. Good luck with the rest of the event Robert! Robert still works for Telstra International at the Paddington Exchange.

Robert Lewis camping at the exOTC Wee Jasper Trip 2004

1 thought on “The Roma Coincidence

  1. Khan Vondog said: Tell him to check a small sample of fuel first, if he’s going to fill his tank in Roma. Although quite a few years ago, I filled there, and by the time I was 4km out of town, smoke was BILLOWING from the back of my car. I limped some of the way back into town, and pushed the rest of the way to the first mechanical workshop. Sure enough, the motor was stuffed. Subsequent examination of the fuel revealed significant amounts of Diesel (no, a Diesel spout wouldn’t fit my filler), Water, and red mud. Nothing happens quickly in Roma, especially at the start of the local Rodeo long weekend (I called it the Roma Coma). It took me 10 days and cost almost $2,000 to finally escape, and ever since, I go a LONG way to avoid going through the place, ever again.

    On a more positive note, Carnarvon Gorge is WELL worth a visit.

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