Lindley Deslandes is retiring

Lindley Deslandes – 42 Years Service

by Former workmate Neil Yakalis

Lindley Deslandes is retiring from Telstra Managed Radio Ningi Qld after 42 years service on Tuesday 14th August 2012. Lindley commenced a 5 year traineeship with DCA in 1969 at Adelaide. He married Andrina in February 1974 at the same time he was appointed as a Radio Technician at DCA’s Llandilo Radio Station in Sydney. In October 1988 we recruited him as a TO2 at Doonside’s refurbished Radio Station. Later when Doonside was in the process of closing in January 1996 he moved his family to Qld. In moving he followed the transfer of transmitters to Ningi & remote receivers onto Bribie Island.

Glen Humphries, Lindley Deslandes, Peter Hewitson

Lindley started at Ningi in 1996 as a STO2/3 supervising 5 staff members.  As HF and Seaphone services declined around 2000 Ningi staff was reduced to 3 technical Specialists with Bob Perkins as the team leader.  This team maintained Fleetcoms, VHF Maritime Services Qld, HF aeronautical to Jetstar, Qantas & Virgin airlines also Air Services Australia (Volmet), Australian Rail & Track (UHF comms in train tunnels), Qld Police (2 VHF sites), Whitsundays Yachts (VHF for 3 charter companies), Radio & Space Services (Ionsonde for HF propagation predictions) & South Australian Maritime (terminal equipment at Brisbane Airport)

Neil Yakalis, Lindley Deslandes, Raoul Velcich, John Burdinat, Bob Perkins

A send off BBQ was organised at Ningi for Lindley on 9th August with 20 people attending many of them former workmates.  He was presented with some electronic radio gear to play with in retirement & some Bunnings vouchers from Telstra. We wish him well as he starts his retirement finishing building renovations he started but could not find the time to finish.

Lindley Deslandes. All I need now is a license to Transmit

by Former workmate Neil Yakalis


11 thoughts on “Lindley Deslandes is retiring

  1. Neil also mentioned: Robert, Thanks for doing that. I interviewed Lindley with Ray Hookway for the Doonside job back in 1988 & we both signed him into OTC. Regards, Neil Yakalis

  2. I had the pleasure of working with Lindley at LLO from 1980 to 1985. He would always tear off a piece of kitchen paper towel to draw his mud maps and circuits on when explaining things in the lunch room. He had a penchant for converting new paint brushes into “cold chisels” for lack of time to wash them after a job. We would find them regularly! One morning when returning from some leave, some of the guys conned him into thinking LLO had been taken over by the RAAF! Kieth Muller, wearing his RAAF uniform sat in the OIC’s office and told Lindley, “please move your car, all DCA parking is out the back!” After about 20 minutes they thought he should be told about the joke. A good laugh was had by all! Best of Luck Lindley! Maybe you and Steve Lester can go into building!!! Regards, Mick Gawlas (B shift)

    • Mick was with DCA back in the day of the DCA RTS and had nothing to do with OTC. I am pleased to see him commenting here and also pleased to see that he knows many of those at OTC just from these stories. Thanks Mick
      Hey, was LLO = Llandilo?

    • Hi Mick, great to hear from you. You will pleased to know the paper towel has been upgraded to a whiteboard. Apparrently I rush to the nearest whiteboard to explain a circuit or an idea. I remember the RAAF joke. The RAAF were also stalking OTC in the late 80’s looking for an RF site. We should catch up one day Mick. Find me in the phone book. regards Lindley (D shift)

  3. At Doonside in the 1970’s & 80’s we made use of teleprinter rolls as draft paper. We had lots of unused rolls left over from our Siemens teleprinter. This printer was used to monitor the AAP Reuters news service transmitted as FSK on a 30kw AWA CLH30 Tx in the 1960’s through to the early 1970’s. If a complaint was lodged about the quality of our transmission we would demodulate our off air signal & feed it to this dedicated printer. The heavy roll of draft paper was fitted to a hand made roller mounted between solid aluminium brackets onto an A4 sized piece of plywood & built in our workshop. Such was the cost & availability of paper in those days. We did not even have a photo copier. Hand drawn circuits sent to our H.O. drawing office had to be copied again by hand which meant drawing them twice. No computers or auto-cad in those days but plenty of TiTs (Technicians in Training) later to be renamed Trainee Technicians when girls were employed. Which leaves me with a final thought. What ever happened to those trainee girls?

    • I can tell you about a dear friend Jane (nee) Milne – She worked at OTC for a while and eventually she showed up at Honeywell where I bought a voice messaging system off her and installed it in Melbourne. She came down for the installation. She showed up again some years ago and she had married a technical type from Optus – not sure of the name – she had triplets and took a lot of time off work as two of the three boys had some issues. She seems to have recently re-entered the workforce, but where, I don’t know.

      I also have had contact with Anna (nee) Woodward over the years. She moved to a technical job around the traps after having her family, Again, not much info. Don’t remember whether Anna joined as a tech or as a trainee.

      Maybe I should find a couple of them and write their story.

      I do stay in close contact with Tania Grasghevski. She was an engineer and spent a lot of her time over at Maritime in St Leonards. She moved out to SITA and then started her own health clinic over at Clovelly. It is a holistic centre with a few different practitioners. She has two lovely boys – early -mid teens.

  4. Hey Lindley

    Enjoy your last day and I hope the next chapter in your life is full of health, happiness and everything else you have planned.

    Hope your family is travelling well and say hi to everyone at Ningi

    regards, Kerri Elliott

  5. I so love co-incidences. I was talking to Bruce Boardman today and he mention a bunch of dishes at Ningi and was wondering how we could get some information about them. I said I know just the guy! Lindley Deslandes! He said he knew Lindley very well and how did I know him. I just said, I published his retirement story on the exOTC website a couple of days ago. Very timely indeed. Of course he is also in many pictures that pop up on the header image as he was at the recent OTC get-to-gether at Doonside.

  6. The get together for Lindley’s retirement was actually at Ningi on Bribie island Road where he worked. I flew up in the plane & stayed overnight at his house. We drove down to the aerial farm to look at a faulty aerial . The ICO dishes there have never been put into service & are all parked horizontally. Apparently ICO invested in this white elephant starting around 1997 so its a write off onto their books not Telstra’s. Sorry I did not take a photo of the redundant dishes last week for you but there are other Telstra staff at Ningi like John Titmus who could send them to you.

      • Robert,

        I have been out all day so only now reading my emails. I don’t have details about the dishes but I will give you some Ningi technical contacts.

        Please don’t put these up on

        Noel Sutherland Radio Solutions Architect Facilities Access TE&G/Industry Solutions 881-991 Bribie Is Rd, Ningi Q 4511 PO Box 990 Caboolture Q 4510 Phone: (07) 54294006 Fax: (07) 54294050 Mob: 0418970872

        John Titmus email address should be

        Also talk with Raoul Velcich as he worked at Ningi but is presently out of work with a back injury following an accident.



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