Doonside in Pictures Pt4 of 4

OTC Doonside Part 4 of 4

Story by Neil Yakalis. Photos by Wayne Clauson and Neil Yakalis.

[Ed: Neil has sent me these great photos and story of Doonside and you can click on them to open and then click a gain to see them in HiRes. Use your “Back” button to return. Thanks Neil]

This post is a series of pictures with their description below:

Pic 1. (above) STC rotating Log Periodic 10Kw antenna

Pic 2.(above) March 1997 Row L with AWA CTM-2K in foreground. Behind are two AM20 Tx’s purchased from DCA to replace the written off Jap Tx.

Pic 3. (above) The techs test & screen room.

Pic 4. (above) View from watch tower looking towards Doonside Road. STC 10Kw LogPeriodic antenna in middle.

Pic 5. (above) Pat Scuglia dismantling a 10 Kw Marconi Tx for shipping to Ningi in March 1997

This is the final post in the series. Thanks again to Neil Yakalis for this story and pictures.

6 thoughts on “Doonside in Pictures Pt4 of 4

  1. Gotta love the use of aluminium ladders (as opposed to Fiberglass) in the vicinity of high voltage, high power RF transmitters…

  2. Geoff Larcombe said on Facebook: I remember Doonside well from my trainee days. I also recall when a certain instructor almost shutdown a vital transmitter by being a little ‘hands on’ with showing his trainees how the the control panel worked.The tour driver was also surprised when his bus radio sprung to life without it being switched on. There air was alive out there.

    • In fact you could hold a fluro tube near the feeder lines and it would light up. Very scarry. Don’t know how we ever had kids.

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