Doonside in Pictures Pt3

OTC Doonside Part 3

Story by Neil Yakalis. Photos by Wayne Clauson and Neil Yakalis.

[Ed: Neil has sent me these great photos and story of Doonside and you can click on them to open and then click a gain to see them in HiRes. Use your “Back” button to return. Thanks Neil]

This post is a series of pictures with their description below:

Pic 1. (above)  Aerial gantry from rear of building

Pic 2. (above) One of the two supercharged diesels used for emergency generation & phased when both were running. Each generator has a maximum output of 350 Amps per phase.

Pic 3. (above) Telstra’s John Bellingham helping pack the Marconi Tx’s ready to truck to Ningi in March 1997.

Pic 4. (above) Relocated AWA ISB drive racks in foreground. AWA CLH-10J Tx’s behind them.

Pic 5. (above) Doonside aerial farm looking north west from the watch tower.

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