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Blank GravitarPictures of Me, Pictures of You

If you would like to comment or write a story for these pages, it is always good to get a picture associated with the account. The easiest is the Gravitar. When you see a comment on these pages, it often has just a blank outline of a portrait of someone. That is because they have not added an image to identify themselves. A Gravitar is a universal way that many sites allow images on their posts. This site is no different.

How do I get One?

That is easy. Chose an image that you like and head over to the Gravitar website:

Once there you can upload it and associate it with your profile and there you have it.

There are 3 Gravitars in regular use on the exOTC website as of Oct 2012 and I would love to see more. Load an old photo from your OTC days if you want, but let’s see who we are talking to:

SpaceRobert Robert Brand

SpaceRobert or the author: Robert Brand

rjmx .Ron Murray (ex-Moree,Carnarvon)

rjmx or as we know him: Ron Murray (ex-Moree,Carnarvon)

Ben Talman, SOR, Telephony, Network Development

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