OTVA Sydney Outing Nov 7th 2012

OTVA Loftus Tram Museum Weekday Outing

I am pleased to pass on this opportunity to meet up with some old exOTC friends and to visit a great place – the Loftus Tram Museum. Consider joining the OTVA. I believe that a 12 month complimentary membership for new members will let you see the benefits of the group and I expect that the $10 a year after that will not break the bank. The advance details of the Loftus outing are below:

Date: Wednesday 7th November, 2012

Transport Cost: Seniors PET ticket $2.50

Museum Cost: $10 Seniors, $15 Adults   No money required upfront. Pay on the day.

Seniors Special Lunch at Sutherland United Services Club: Cost: $10, About 10 choices like Fish & Chips, small Rump Steak & Chips, Chicken Schnitzel, Prawn Cutlets. Tea or coffee $2.80

Transport: Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra  train (board carriage 5 of 8 car train) departs Central platform 25 (check first) at 9.12am, Rockdale 9.27am, Hurstville 9.35am, Sutherland 9.51am, arriving at Loftus 9.53am. Walk straight into museum from station platform. If this train is missed the next train departs Central at 9.25am arriving at Loftus at 10.07am. Alternatively drive your car.

10.00am Museum opens. Morning tea provided.

10.15am We start our museum tours or tram ride with our group split into 2. Ride the tram or tour 1st depending on which group you start in with the groups alternating. OTC vet Billy Jolly is our tram driver & promises a day to remember with lots of 1950’s tram memories to rekindle.

12.48pm  Depart Loftus station for Sutherland station.

12.52pm Arrive at Sutherland station. Depart on western side of station. Walk a few hundred metres north from the station to arrive at Sutherland United Services Club.

1.00pm  Start lunch at the club which stops serving at 2.30pm.

Regular trains back to Central leave Sutherland at 1.45pm, 1.49pm, 1.52pm, 2.05pm, 2.19pm, 2.22pm, 2.32pm & 2.35pm. The trip back takes 30 – 40 minutes. Timetables www.131500.com.au

3 thoughts on “OTVA Sydney Outing Nov 7th 2012

  1. Robert,
    I gave these details to a retired mate of mine who was keen to go by himself. He went 2 weeks ago & said he stuck to the same times we are using & said this worked out perfectly. Volunteer guides were retired high school teachers who were very informative & spoke clearly. A highlight was inspecting the prison van that Darcy Dugan escaped from on his trip out to Long Bay Gaol.

    • Great news Neil. I expect that there will be a few extras along on the day. I don’t know how I will go as I still work for a crust, but I will see what the week brings in excitement and hopefully it will be quiet. I look forward to the day. I should have mentioned that Neil Yakalis is organising the outing. Thanks for the effort you put into these outings. Sorry I was overseas when the trip to Albion Park took place. Oddly enough I was at the international famous PIMA air and space museum and saw so many amazing aircraft almost to the hour that you were on your trip. I may still take the kids to Albion Park. My son (10) will love the aircraft. He will end up working somewhere in aerospace if he keeps going down his current path.

  2. Here is an email I got from Neil Yakalis:

    Thanks for putting the Tram Museum outing up on EX-OTC. Just a little background on what I have in mind. I am looking at our OTC Vets group to get people together for seniors weekday outings. Started doing outings a few years ago with just a few OTC people & recently decided to open invitations to all retired vets through Peter Bull. I spent 2 years on the travel committee of Ryde Eastwood Leagues club. Also I am a retired scout leader & ex queen scout so I also run Sydney bush walks for the fitter ones like Ross Beaumont & John Eades.

    As we are all seniors I take full advantage of the $2.50 train, bus & ferry fares for all our outings (normally $21 for other adults). This means we have no need to book expensive buses or have to cancel outing due to low numbers. Also no money needs to be collected up front. These were major obstacles when I worked with RELC travel club. The trains we use leave the city with mostly empty carriages so we have lots of room to move around & talk to each other.

    Peter was concerned the Tram museum outing is only 2 days before the Vets Xmas party. I was unable to have it earlier as our vet Bill Jolly is also the tram driver & he will be in Bendigo in October driving their trams. Also the idea was to give plenty of notice for vets without email on the snail mailing newsletter list.

    Also I have some historical pictures of Doonside prior to closing in 1998 which I can send to you.

    Neil Yakalis

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