OTVA and Compac Celebrations 2013

OTVA LogoOTVA look at Nov 2013 and Compac

by Robert Brand

Today I attended the OTVA board meeting at the invitation of the committee. I was invited to discuss my proposal to spearhead the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Compac Cable in Nov 2012.

First of all I continue to be impressed by the OTVA and the current state of play. It is a very open group that is not like the old days. I have seriously enjoyed the lunches and get togethers over the years. Just plain fun.

I was asking for a lot. A major celebration on a global scale. Well at least managing the Australian part. My concern was that it may be too much to handle. As usual I was greeted with the usual good cheer of the days of OTC. The meeting quickly moved into discussing the reason for my visit and it was all very positive.

There is not official “go ahead” yet, but a small group that is looking to assemble an outline of what is achievable and what is desirable. Myself and three from the committee will start to formulate plans and return to the OTVA committee with the next steps outlined.

I wish to thank the OTVA for their warm reception of the idea and I look forward to bring this to fruition.

2 thoughts on “OTVA and Compac Celebrations 2013

  1. Gay O’Connor said:

    I was at the occasion marked by the photograph in your message. Old Arthur Chadwick was Chairman of the Board at the time, but might not have been titled as such, and it was his onerous duty to preside over the chit-chat between Mrs Windsor, Pig-iron Bob and a couple of other luminaries. Such fame.

    I was only a newcomer to OTC at the time having joined the firm earlier that year (to work on the next cable, SEACOM), but, given we were dragging ourselves out of the old HF radio/telegraph cable days, it was all pretty historic and exciting.

    It would be good if you could get some of the star performers to come to whatever little commemoration you might be able to organise. Gus Berzins, now returned to his native Latvia or Estonia immediately comes to mind and he still has some connections here. Then, of course there’s Cyril Vahtrick (an escapee from Latvia or Estonia as it happens) and Peter Meulman would almost certainly be interested in gracing such an occasion with their presence even tho’ Peter now resides in far North Queensland. The General Manager at the time, Trevor Housley, obviously would be long gone now but his son, “Young Trevor” is probably still around and, I’m sure would be interested in something that honoured his old man. Likewise with Bob Long’s son. And so on and so on.

    I’ll watch with interest.

    Regards MO’C

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