OTC in 1946

OTC’s First Year 1946

In August 1946, the Overseas Telecommunications Commission was established by an Act of Parliament: The Overseas Telecommunications Act, 1946.

James Malone was appointed Chairman. In October 1946, JES Stevens was appointed first General Manager. Here is the advertisement that attracted his interest:

OTC General Manager Position 1946


Applications are invited for tho position of General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (Australia) with headquarters in Sydney, at a salary range of £2,000-£2,500 per annum.

The selected applicant must:

GM and CEO OTC 1946(a) Satisfy the Commission that he is a natural born or naturalised British subject:

(b) Pass such medical examination as may be prescribed as to his health and physical fitness; and

(c) Make and subscribe an oath or affirmation of allegiance in accordance with the prescribed form.

As amongst applicants preference will be accorded to persons with the necessary qualifications in accordance with the provisions of the Re-establishment and Employment Act (No. ll of 1945.)

Upon appointment the successful applicant will be subject to such terms and conditions of employment as are determined by the Commission.

For the purposes of the Overseas Telecommunications Act 1046 the Commission is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and operation in Australian of external cable and radiocommunciation services.

Applications stating qualifications and general administrative experience, also knowledge of telecommunication practice and procedure, should be submitted in writing to tho Chairman of the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (Australia) and received at Box No. 4581, General Post Office, Sydney, not litter than 12th. September, 1946.

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