Carnarvon and OTVA Support

OTVA also Calls for Help

The (exOTC) web site contains a complaint emerged from Graeme Hanigan who attended the recent Open Day in support of the new Carnarvon Space & Technology Museum. The complaint related to the belief that it was too NASA focused and did not promote and give credit to the huge amount of work that was provided by OTC personnel and the skills & expertise that they delivered to the TT&C functions that supported the Moon Landing and the many other activities associated with launches into space.

Phil Youd, the chairman of the new museum at Carnarvon advised that he has been unsuccessful in his efforts over the past 12 months to identify and locate OTC personnel who worked at Carnarvon during the 1960s and beyond on the TT&C equipment that would have been employed in support of space travel. He was interested in recording an interview of those OTC personnel telling their story of what it was like being involved in such historic events. Those interviews could then be featured in the museum. Phil is still interested in making those interviews.

Phil says that he has been putting out calls on his radio stations for OTC staff to come forward and tell the story of OTC. He expressed his disappointment with the response from OTC. He would like those that worked at the station to let him know where they are located and he will organize interviews with them that will be played at the museum.

Les Bateman has been helping him with some technical matters.

Please contact (Robert Brand or reply to this post) if you are willing and able to support the museum in its efforts to better register OTC’s contribution to the Carnarvon site.

Regards, Peter Bull, President, Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association (OTVA)

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