The Carnarvon Space And Technology Museum

Buzz in Carnarvon for the Opening

A nice bit of video from Buzz Aldrin’s arrival in Carnarvon for the opening of the new Space and Technology Museum. The site is the old OTC and NASA property at Carnarvon in Western Australia.

Colin Benporath is there and when he returns I hope to post a more detailed story and some of his pictures. Until then here are two videos showing Buzz Aldrin’s arrival and a video showing some background on the moon support

Below: Buzz’s Arrival in Carnarvon

Below: WA helped put a Man on the Moon


4 thoughts on “The Carnarvon Space And Technology Museum

  1. It was interesting to see how quickly the history is rewritten.
    The event was overrun by ex Nasa ‘Trackers’ as they called themselves and there was lots of ill-informed conversation and confusion about the OTC site. At best I could describe ‘the museum’ is a jumbled collection of ‘space junk’. However the committee is well meaning and I hope that somewhere along the line they get the story straight.
    There have been previous failed museums on the site so I wish them all the best.

    Where is Martin Ratia when you need him?

    • Martin is here, but toothless on behalf of OTC which is now Telstra owned. He could however talk in general on behalf of the OTC staff as could any of us but the OTVA could certainly make an approach to the centre to get it right.

      • I have written to the museum mentioning the concerns and also directing them to this page. They may wish to engage with us about the issues. If they are willing, I may need to co-ordinate with those present about the main issues with the way that the history is presented. I expect that the OTVA might also like to be involved and may take up the cause.

  2. Phil Youd is the director of the Carnarvon Museum and he is disappointed at the response from OTC simply because he has been putting out calls on his radio stations for OTC staff to come forward and tell the story of OTC. He would like those that worked at the station to let him know where they are located and he will organise interviews with them that will be played at the museum. Les Bateman has been helping him with technical matters and Les Puts the dish in stow when there is a storm approaching. It seems the dish may not be in such bad shape as I had been told and there may be commercial opportunities in the future.
    Phil has had no contact with the OTVA and would dearly love to have more information. It may be that the Telstra Museum has equipment that can be loaned back to Carnarvon for display under usual museum arrangements. It would be of interest to see if there is anything there. Does anyone know about what Telstra may be holding – I guess it depends what OTC held onto after Carnarvon closed.
    All I can say it that it is now up to the OTVA and OTC staff to make the Carnarvon Museum a better place for the OTC story. The chairman has asked us and we need photo, stories and people willing to get in front of a camera.
    Let me know if you can help. 02 9559 6879 or or reply here.

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