$59M Communications Highway

Seacom Opening – The AGE

I am just adding more material from the AGE newspaper published at the time of the Seacom opening in 1967. There are many more pages and I will add them later. It is interesting at the number of pages that the AGE dedicated to Seacom. Many are advertisements paid for by suppliers or parts or services, but there are many pages of stories.

To enlarge, click on the image below and when it opens click on it again. Use the browser “back” button to return to the exOTC pages. 

1 thought on “$59M Communications Highway

  1. I can clearly see the massive impact that these cables had on Australia and doing business with Australia. Basically it would be like opening up the Internet in one big switch for the first time. Compared to wireless, these changes were a world away from the HF links that we had before! Seacom opened the doors to Asia and completed our connectivity.

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