Seacom Opening 1967

Age Article by Harold White

I found this article in “The Age” archives from back in 1967. It was part of a large article celebrating the opening on the Seacom cable on this day. Initially only the first supergroup was commissioned on the cable that could eventually hold 2 x 80 channel supergroups.

The supergroups were 3.1kHz bandwidth compared to the 60 channel satellite supergroups that consisted of 3.4kHz bandwidth channels. There were about 6 pages of a broadsheet newspaper dedicated to the opening.

Note you can click to open the Newspaper article below and click a gain to enlarge. Use you browser back arrows to return to the exOTC website.

1 thought on “Seacom Opening 1967

  1. I well remember the Seacom opening on Guam. It was quite an affair with dignaturies from the Guam Government and USA Military Forces. Along with Charlie Hale the Manager the following staff were in attendance, James Keenan, Mick Wood. Jim Neylon, Tony Austin, Neville Farrer, Stuart Newell, Fred Nicholls They were the oprations staff. There were some members from the installation staff namely Al Salmon, George Brooker, Bruno ? to name a few. It was a fun day with plenty of the amber and food available for all and sundry.

    Regards Jim Keenan

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