1968 Newspaper Advertisement

The Satellite “AGE”

This advertisement was spotted in The Age newspaper. The Age is one of Melbourne’s Newspapers (Australia). It was dated 14th June 1968 and was soon after the opening of Moree Satellite Station. The article showcases the stations ability to receive (and Transmit) TV programs around the world.

The terms used seem quaint by the general standards of today. The general public were not as tech-savy as the readers of today! It should also be noted that Ceduna Earth Station was not yet finished and so the advertisement shows a US sports event. At this time our TV viewing was more inclined to be from Europe and the UK.

It surprises me that the Internet is flooded with information about the OTC Carnarvon Earth Station, but there is little on the Internet celebrating the existence of the Moree Earth Station. We would love to hear from any of the exOTC staff that might like to right a story (or two).

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2 thoughts on “1968 Newspaper Advertisement

  1. Robert
    Moree started ops about March 1968.At that stage it had narrow band capability of 150 Mhz to match Intelsat 2 which was just one transponder. Very quickly it was upgraded to 500 MHz and the new Parametric amplifiers in the feed horn were serial numbers 1 and 2. The first productions units in the world. It did have (as mentioned elswhere) an Hour angle over Declination mount. Hydraulic motors drove the HA and twin rams drove the Dec. It was very slow ,the slew rate was only about 0.1 degree per second in HA. It was only ever built for geosynchronous satellites.

    • I will track down the gentlemen that mentioned that originally Moree was being designed with 2 dishes, but I expect that this was just in the early days. Same as Jamesburg, but Jamesburg went with just one of the original dishes chosen as they were committed a bit earlier than Moree and had other satellites that they could access.

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