OTVA 56th Annual General Meeting

OTVA 56th Annual General Meeting 2012

Friday 15th June 2012 at 11.00 AM

NSW Bowlers Club

Phillip Room, Level 2,   99 York Street, Sydney NSW

RSVP  to:    Email:   president@otva.com

Telephone or SMS:   0411 260542  by Friday 8 June 2012

The meeting is set down to commence at 11.30 AM.  It will be followed by an optional meal in the dining area 1st Floor commencing 12:30PM.  (Payment at the dining area entrance)Please indicate with your RSVP if you intend to join us for lunch to facilitate seating arrangements  as the catering is covered by the Bistro.


  1. Opening and welcome by President Peter Bull
  2. A One Minute Silence for those members and friends no longer with us.
  3. Apologies
  4. Adoption of the Minutes of 55th OTVA AGM
  5. The President’s Annual report
  6. The Treasurer’s Annual Report
  7. Life member nominations
  8. Nomination of a returning officer for the OTVA 2012 Committee elections.
  9. Election of Officers and Committee for 2012-13
  1.  The President vacates the chair for the election of officers. (Incumbents shown.)
  2.  President         (Peter Bull)
  3.  Vice Presidents (Henry Cranfield & Will Whyte)
  4.  Secretary         (Will Whyte)
  5.  Treasurer         (Alex Ebert)
  6.  Auditors          (Ken Theaker and Tony Farrugia)
  7.  Committee      (Peter Bull, Alex Ebert. Henry Cranfield, John Eades, Bob Emanuel, Colin Kelly Allan Hennessy, Ray Hookway, David Richardson, Bernie White, Will Whyte.)
  1. Address from the incoming President
  2. Contact & Transit magazine project.  (Kevin O’Brien)
  3. OTVA future
  4. Future functions and catering options
  5. General business
  6. Close

Will Whyte      Hon Secretary 23 May 2012.

1 thought on “OTVA 56th Annual General Meeting

  1. I must say, it was an incredible lunch and even the AGM was interesting. If you are not a member but would like to join in with the outings and enjoying the company of old friends, you can try out the OTVA for free for 12 months or so. A complimentary one year membership is now available. That gets you the Newsletter, access to the OTVA website and any functions and activities that the OTVA has planned.

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