Buzz Aldrin Headed to Carnarvon

Buzz AldrinScuba Diving is a Buzz at Carnarvon – by Robert Brand

During a Space conference in the US last week, I had the opportunity to talk about the importance of Carnarvon to the Apollo 11 mission and other Apollo missions with Apollo 11 moon-walker Buzz Aldrin.

Buzz was very flattering about the importance of the NASA site at Carnarvon and the world class communications required to keep them in contact with other NASA sites. He said that the team took note of the Carnarvon area as they passed over it, wondering about the remoteness of the region and security of the links. He stated that he was very surprised and pleased that the site had been turned into a museum and technology centre and would be over for the opening. Buzz is a keen scuba diver and one of his plans is to head for a local dive spot or two and enjoy the ocean depths.

I doubt that he will stay for long as he is usually booked well ahead to talk at functions and open museums…. Also do not expect to get his signature unless to would like to pay $400 for the privilege!


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