Apollo 11 Video and Wayne Ozarko

Search For Apollo 11 tapes

As many will know there has been a concerted effort to find the Apollo 11 video data tapes. The NASA files were apparently over-written in an attempt by NASA to save on computer tape. There were other copies made here in Australia but the problem is that no-one has any idea where the digital tapes were stored or even if they were destroyed or not.

My good friend John Sarkissian (right) is an Operations Scientist at the CSIRO Parkes Radio Observatory and he is leading a team to search for the tapes. During the search another colleague Colin Mackellar (one of the Honeysuckle Creek team) (below) came across this video (no sound) of Wayne Ozarko testing the Apollo 11 consoles installed at ITMC Sydney (Paddington Terminal). Some of the NASA guys are identified in the video clip. Thanks Colin and John for all the hard work on this project.

This is some of the best clarity seen in a video of OTC from this era. Enjoy.

There is NO AUDIO for this clip

Colin Mackellar:

I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1956.

I have always been fascinated by astronomy and space exploration. After a short stint with the Post Master General’s Department (now Telstra), I studied at the University of Sydney, majoring in Geology and Geophysics – in the hope that geologists would be needed to interpret data from a new wave of planetary exploration. (Seemed like a good idea at the time!)

After university, I worked as an exploration geologist before changing track and studying theology at Moore College in Sydney. In 1986, I was ordained into the Christian ministry in the Anglican Church of Australia. I currently serve in a parish in western Sydney. My long-suffering congregation is now used to sermons illustrated with references to astronomy and the Apollo program. I am married, with three children. In my spare time, I am compiling a website covering activities and personnel at Honeysuckle Creek during Apollo.


4 thoughts on “Apollo 11 Video and Wayne Ozarko

  1. Not sure exactly what Apollo tapes you are looking for – but I recall a few old metal film canisters with “Apollo 11” content sitting under under a desk of an OTC staff member in the international broadcasting team. They were there for years, and the desk belonged to Tony Anthony. Last time I heard, Tony was running broadcast operations for Channel 9. Not sure if he is still there, I have not been able to make contact with him – could be worth tracking him down. Regards

  2. Sorry to say that Tony tossed the old tapes 12 months ago. Had a good chat with him. He may read this later when he gets home. They were from the ABC so not the tapes we were after, but may have been good. Unfortunately they are in the big archive out there somewhere.

  3. Robert All the NASA trafficfrom Tidbinbilla/ Honeysuckle/ Orroral came through Deakin Exchange in Canberra. Our contact there was a guy called Kevin Westbrook. Not sure if he is still around but just maybe they did some back up recording there.

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