Want to Publish to the ExOTC Website?

Become an exOTC Author – it is Simple

We would love to make you all exOTC Authors so that we can get some real interaction going here. It is very simple:

  • Register with WordPress
  • Send me a request to be an author
  • Login and post.

In fact I am doing that right now! I created a separate user and authorised myself and I am posting from a very simple screen. You can add photos, Links and lots more – change colour, Bold, Italics, Underline, Bullet points and even spell check (US probably). If you create a Link – please make sure to tick this box: “Open link in a new window/tab

Register with WordPress

From the Home Page Click “Register” in the top of the right-hand column. This will open a screen on the WordPress site. Don’t bother registering a blog, but on the right there will be a coloured link that will let you register without asking for a Blog. I suggest creating a user name with your name and if not available add the year of birth – I chose robertbrand52 and that got accepted.

Next, go to your mail and confirm the registration.

Send me Your User Name

Just email me at homepc @ rbrand dot com (take out the spaces and replace “dot with “.”) and include your user name and the request to be able to post.

Posting on the exOTC website

Once I accept your request, you can log-in using the same “Action” panel that you registered with.

This opens a menu that will appear at the top of the page. You can see the extra grey menu bar in the picture below:

Author Post Page

Don’t try to post a video at this stage – more on that later.

A Few Last Points

See the picture below and note the following:

  1. These are the number of comments on the post. Click on the story title to open and read the comments.
  2. This is the Register and Log in / Log out area.
  3. Register your email here to see new posts and to start making comments
  4. The photos can be uploaded on the site, but send me the pictures and I will upload to out Flickr page or send me your Flickr page and I will copy them across.


Please join in so that we can make this a great place to get together. You can also register with gravatar.com so that we can see your image. We are even integrated with Facebook  and Twitter.

If you are on Facebook – Look us up and join us on the ex-OTC FaceBook Group. There are now 35 members on the Facebook page and growing fast.

Like to use Twitter:   Click Here

If anyone has any other great ideas, let me know – Regards, Robert Brand

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