OTC and Apollo 11

Apollo 11 40th anniversary Celebrations

This article was published by me (Robert Brand) as part of the Apollo 11 celebrations. The OTVA and OTC stories were told to the world through many media including radio.
This was published 40 year after Apollo 11 took off and it was 57 hours into the relived flight:

Apollo 11 right now (minus 40 years) and 57+ hours into the mission
Skip back 40 years to the minute with Apollo 11

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Fanning Island

Fanning Island (From our Archives)
Letter from Desmond Kinnersley (25/2/04):

I am attaching some digital photos of some of the equipment in use on the old telegraph cables. They were taken at Fanning Island in 1962 about a year before the station closed due to COMPAC coming into service.

The equipment pictured was the the tri channel equipment used at Fanning Island on the fast cables between Suva, Fanning and Bamfield(Vancouver) to provide time division mutliplex operation ( even though it was done with cams and contacts). Additional slow speed cables were also operational between these stations. Continue reading

Anyone Have a Short Story?

Send me a Story or Become an Author

Robert Brand in the Paddington Amateur Radio Club Room around 1980

Robert Brand in the Paddington Amateur Radio Club Room around 1980

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Stories from HO to the field – we want them all. Any stories here may also appear in the OTVA magazine and other publications if suitable. The more “awkward” stories can just remain here!

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Paddington and the Apollo ARIA network

Apollo 11 and The Role of the ARIA Aircraft.

At 182+ hours into the flight of Apollo 11, the capsule, for the first time, will reenter with lift vector “up”. It is normally down, but they want to extend the range 250 miles. This is a last minute change to correct for the slight error made by not being in the center of the reentry window and bad weather in the landing area if uncorrected. The capsule will sort of “skip” a bit off the atmosphere. In other words the Apollo capsules has some limited steer-ability in this vector. A bit like skimming a stone over water. Continue reading

The Wilds of Carnarvon, Western Australia in the Early Days

Mrs O’Donahue at Hamelin Pool Saves the Day

Mrs Lillian O Donahue - Postmistress of Hamelin Pool

Mrs Lillian O Donahue - Postmistress of Hamelin Pool

Here is a story of the the way things were in the remote Western Australian town of Carnarvon where NASA built a station that was used for the Apollo missions. When the going got tough they of course called Mrs O’Donahue.

This story is from the website of the HoneySuckle Creek group that relayed Apollo 11 video to the world and supplied it first to Australian audiences.

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exOTC is Back on Line

Robert Brand in the Oxford Falls Main dish 2009New features and new content

Welcome to our new site. We lost our old site due to a database failure and it was all too hard to get back up and restored.

I will add more content here shortly, but feel free to comment here. I will arrange a new forum or email chat service. I hope that we can get you all back in touch with each other very soon.

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